Death Certificates

EstateGrid solves post-death logistics. The information covered in the Death Certificates category provides guidance to survivors on getting death certificates. Death certificates are required as proof for many of these logistics.

Examples include life insurance companies, banks, former employers (for potential benefits the decedent may have), and many other entities require a death certificate to accomplish tasks.


  • What is a Death Certificate?

    A death certificate is a government-issued legal document that states the cause, time, and location of death, as well as other personal information of the decedent. Of all of the documentation pertaining to the life of an individual, the death certificate Read More

  • How to Get a Death Certificate in Illinois

    The process of getting a death certificate varies - sometimes greatly - from state to state. While in some states death certificates are considered part of public record, in the state of Illinois, they are not. There are special criteria that must be met Read More