EstateGrid solves post-death logistics. The information covered in the Funeral category provides guidance to survivors in navigating and understanding terminology and processes of general funeral practices.

One example is the topic of whether or not having a funeral in a funeral home is legally required. Understanding different funeral procedures and laws helps survivors navigate and manage post-death tasks.


  • Where is the Information About Grief?

    Grief, by definition, is a deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death. EstateGrid is here to help survivors and their trusted helpers get through and solve the post-death logistics of a decedent's estate, not through their grief. When founder, Read More

  • What Is a Cremation?

    Cremation reduces the body to what some call “its essential elements.” Cremation uses heat or another dissolution process to pulverize the body of a deceased person to “mostly tiny bits of bone resembling ash.” Although some people call cremate Read More